Solo Exhibition | Los Angeles

Ominous clouds and disenfranchised circus elephants along deserted beaches has been a recurring theme in Jeremiah Kille’s work. This new body of work by Kille, featuring more than 10 new paintings, takes some of his past themes and utilizes them in a new light, allowing his vulnerable elephants to coexist in a more abstracted space where scale and proportion become blurred. These paintings are a mash up of images and script with a painterly yet contemporary twist.

The clapotis is an overlapping wave pattern caused by a wave train hitting a fixed vertical object sending a reflected wave in the opposite direction resulting in a multi directional surface. This idea or notion of overlapping and layering in relationship to connectivity of all things is the source of inspiration for this body of work.  Through a multitude of stylistic approaches employed, Kille creates a broad landscape of adversity and hope. 

Kille uses images and decomposed script that is related to his personal experience of time and place creating a balanced tension within the work. “Clapotis” is partially an installation through geometric elements in the paintings that continue their trajectory onto the gallery wall allowing the work to be multifaceted in nature and interactive to its viewer.