Jeremiah Kille's art is organic and surreal.


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Jeremiah Kille is a native of Santa Cruz, CA. He began his career as a custom surfboard builder with strong communal ties to surf & skate culture. Jeremiah’s work is both inspired by and investigative of finality. Exploring themes of nature and coexistence,  he employs a multitude of stylistic approaches which range from loosely abstracted to highly rendered objects.


In the past, Jeremiah's work has focused on themes of coexistense and finality. While he continues to develop these themes, content is opening up to new avenues that warrant exploration- pulling ideas from his past experience as well as pushing the idea of our perception and relationship with the natural world.



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"Jeremiah Kille was made to create. Many of us are. But his proclivity for painting and board shaping has shaped his whole life."



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Featured Journal Entry

VIBE MURal fest

My time in Virginia beach was exciting for a unique reason: it was a dance of
timing and dodging thunderstorms. The community and other artists were beyond welcoming to me and my work. Art at this scale in
public is my favorite way to paint, I absolutely love the problem
solving that has to happen to create a painting at this scale in such
a short period of time. I met some people there that will become lifelong friends.


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